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Ivo Pogorelich – PIANO


Ivo Pogorelich, born in Belgrade in 1958, received his first piano lessons at the age of seven. From 12 years on he studied at the Central Special Music School and the Tschaikowsky Conservatory in Moscow. In 1976 he began working with the renowned pianist and teacher Aliza Kezderadze, who related to the school of Beethoven and Liszt, originating in Vienna and St. Petersburg. They were married from 1980 until Mme. Kezderadze’s untimely death in 1996. Ivo Pogorelich won the first prize at the Alessandro Casagrande Competition at Terni (Italy) in 1978 as well as in 1980 at the Montreal International Music Competition.

In October 1980 he entered the International Chopin Competition, Warsaw where, when prevented from participating in the final contest as a soloist with orchestra, a fierce controversy resulted in the argentinian pianist Martha Argerich, leaving the jury panel, together with other members, stating “He is a genius”. 

Ever since his debut recital in New York’s Carnegie Hall in 1981, Ivo Pogorelich has created a sensation with his performances in all the great concert halls throughout the world and has received invitations from numerous major orchestras including the Berlin and Vienna Philharmonic, all the London Orchestras, the Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Los Angeles, New York Philharmonic Orchestras. Wherever and whenever he plays, his stunning interpretations of the music confirm the  originality of his talent and intellect. The New York Times once wrote “He played each note exactly, with such a feeling, such expression, he was an entire orchestra– it was as if he played 200 years ahead of our time”. In this spirit Ivo Pogorelich is known today as a poet of the instrument.


CHOPIN Ballade n°2 in F Major op. 38
CHOPIN Scherzo n°3 in C Sharp minor op. 39
SCHUMANN Faschingsschwank aus Wien op. 26
MOZART Fantasia in C minor K. 475
RACHMANINOFF Piano Sonata n°2 in B flat minor op. 36
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